Business Forms and Capitalization

Organized as a sole proprietorship in 1993 with Php 0.5 M capitalization.  In 1997, the company purchased lately two (2) properties, the Makati office where most of its key officers are holding office and the warehouse/plant in Montalban, Rizal where we store our inventories and fabricate/assemble our pre-moulded pipes and sandwich panels.

Business Lines

  1. Supply of Polyurethane Chemicals, Component A and B to Manufacturers/Makers/Contractors of Cold Storages and Food Processors and other Cold Storage Equipments.
  2.  Supply of Labor and Materials for the insulation of Cold Storage/Tanks and Air Conditioned Buses using polyurethane rigid foam.
  3.  Supply of Labor and Materials for the insulation of CO2 tanks and other cold process tanks using rigid polyurethane foam.
  4.  Supply of Pre-moulded polyurethane rigid pipes for the insulation of chilled water pipe lines including labor and materials for metal cladding.
  5. Supply of Labor and Materials for the insulation of roofing using the spray application of rigid polyurethane foam.
  6.  Supply of Labor and Materials for the application of Elastomeric Waterproof Coating as finish for the insulated roofing.

Corporate Strengths

  1. Competent and experienced personnel in the field of polyurethane run the company.  The President has been in the industry for more than 30 years and is personally supervising the projects and managing the day to day activity of the company.
  2. The company specializes in the cold type of insulation including cladding and has been giving the customer a satisfactory finish product.
  3. The company has an adequate supply of Polyurethane Chemicals (Component A and Component B) and to insure the availability of materials is importing these commodities from the USA, U.K. and other countries.  Normally a month inventory is stored in our warehouse in Montalban.  A portion of stock is also kept in our small warehouse in the Makati Office.
  4. The company has the ability to innovate in terms of polyurethane applications and the other uses of this product in order to serve the immediate and future needs of our clientele.
  5. The company is a UNDP GRANTEE and was granted 5 new foaming variable equipment in order for the company to use only environment friendly substances.  The company therefore is not using substances that destroy the environment.
  6. The company continuously studies and researches for new ways/methods/processes in order to effectively apply and improve the polyurethane chemicals to the substrate.
  7. The company maintains two (2) offices in order for the customers to easily contact the office in case some problem arises.  Anytime our personnel can be dispatch immediately in order to respond to customer’s concern.
  8. The company is equipped with several portable machines that are very flexible to use for polyurethane applications.  These foaming machines are light and can be transferred/transported from one project to another area.
Rex B. Roque  PRESIDENT, Executive Officer
Mario L. Roque Vice-President for Operations
Robert John L. Roque   General Manager
Christopher John L. Roque Production Manager
Nestor B. Yap, Jr.  I.T. Manager / Admin. Officer / Account Executive
Tom A. Valle     Sales Executive
Ma. Concepcion R. Maestre    Accounting Officer
Edsel Tabhan Project Engineer